The second NonFungible Token (NFT) is scheduled to take place in the United States. Like last year, the event will unite blockchain developers, gamers, corporate brands, investors together along with the fans. During the NFT event, there will be introduced practical cases of use where NFT tokens are affecting user experiences of ownership and identity with crypto coins and tokens.

Among the main subjects of discussion are mentioned NFT case of use in business, customer marketing with NFTs, NFT in gaming, arts, NFT ticketing and events, along with, of course, NFT regulation.

During the 2nd NFT event, several of the speakers are mentioned Co-Founder & CTO at OpenSea Alex Atallah, CEO & Co-Founder of KnownOrigin David Moore, Director of Research at CoinDesk Nolan Bauerle, Executive Director at ConsenSys Vanessa Grellet, Co-founder at EngineBloc Gordon Meyer, and so forth. The event will be supported by OpenSea, Cosmos, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Ecomi, 0x, PlayDapp, and so on. Among media partners are mentioned media leaders such as Forbes, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, etc.

A little bit about NFTs. A non-fungible token is a specific kind of crypto asset which is something unique, indivisible and valuable. In general, these tokens are used to develop verifiable digital scarcity, player ownership. They are used in some particular apps requiring unique digital items. NFT tokens include the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.

It is worth to mention that past year, there were around 500 participants from over 15 countries, more than 80 speakers; big names in gaming, sports, art, etc., 52 talks; including fireside chats, featured discussions & demos, 18 sponsors including some international consulting & law firms, as well as 13 media partners in the 1st significant NonFungible Token event.

The NFT.NYC 2020 will be held on Feb 20, in the Edison Ballroom – Times Square, New York, United States.

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