On the post published on Reddit by Zhoujianfu, around 100,000 BCH and 1,550 BTC were stolen from his account. The total loss amounts to approximately $45 million.

According to him, the transactions were made from his two addresses. Allegedly, the attackers replaced his sim in order to pass two-factor authentication. As a result, they gained access to funds and cleared his wallet.

Zhoujianfu is seeking help in recovering the stolen assets from miners and communities. In an emotional appeal, he is promising a “big reward”.

To the surprise of many, he was using week security pass on such a large funds. All the funds were stored in a single platform with 2FA authentication only. Switching the sim card. only on one phone, was enough to gain access to it.

Zhoujianfu is looking for possibility of a refund. Reddit community members advised him to contact a major BCH miner for help. It is possible to arrange double-spending for transactions of attackers and return the $10 million with  BCH currency funds. However, the BTCs is more difficult to refund. Zhoujianfu may lost about $30 million.

Primitive Ventures managing partner Dovi Wang thinks that funds can only be returned to the victim through a hard fork. According to her, the attackers are already splitting the withdrawn amounts in order to complicate their tracking.

Recall that in January, an 18-year-old hacker was arrested in Canada on charges of fraud of $50 million in cryptocurrency committed by replacing SIM cards.

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