According to a 2020 Coinbase and Qriously survey, “twice as many black Americans have been negatively impacted by the current financial system” when compared to white Americans. Although this survey received responses from only 5,126 Americans, this information does line up to broader evidence.

For instance, in 2019, the National Bureau of Economic Research found that black mortgage borrowers were faced with higher interest rates or were denied mortgages that would’ve been acceptable if they were white. 

On top of that, black people are suspected when performing simple transactions or for entering a bank. This is profiling black customers.

The overall flawed system is one of the largest and compelling reasons that minorities – especially black Americans – are turning to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. And one man that’s fuelling that is Isiah Jackson.

Isiah Jackson is the author of the book “Bitcoin and Black America” and is the co-founder of KRBE Digital Assets Group. 

Bitcoin and Black America was published in July 2019 and explores the synergies between black economics, Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology behind it. 

The book explores how many black Americans can incorporate Bitcoin into businesses, education and occupation. It also makes a push to separate the racist banking system that America has and lists several black professionals working in the Blockchain industry.

“Bitcoin and Black America” also serves as a plug to Jackson’s business: KRBE Digital Assets Group

The company was founded by Jackson and his other co-founder, King Bless. It provides hands-on experience and guidance through the cryptocurrency world. They provide key details to investors, business owners and newcomers through various channels. Those channels are a monthly newsletter, weekly tutorials, monthly live conferences, and more.

Even though these resources are geared towards minorities, Jackson and Bless provide invaluable insights that can help investors, business, and individuals prosper in this new age.

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