In the end of the current month, a Crypto 2020 Summit will take place online. During this Summit, 47 of the TOP cryptocurrency professionals in the world will share their list of the most prospective crypto projects for the upcoming Bitcoin halving bull run of 2020. Among the speakers are Bitcoin Angel Investor and Bitcoin Evangelist Roger Ver, Co-founder and Lead Developer at Qtum Jordan Earls, Chief LTC Evangelist John Kim, and other powerful names in crypto sphere.

It’s reported that during the event, the speakers will explain why 2020 is the year of cryptocurrencies, disclosing the most prospective crypto projects and coins with the highest potential to grow for thousands of times. The experts will also show the ways how anyone can take advantage of crypto market situation and make profits from the BTC halving.

One of the main topics of the summit is Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Speakers will reveal the best IEOs coming up at the right moment for the 2020 bull run.

The next major topic of the Crypto 2020 Summit is tokenized security asset. These are backed by physical assets and they are considered as a new major market for investors throughout the world, cutting out the middleman for the 1st time in the history. They are a quite profitable opportunity to get profits, however, they are highly regulated.

The last major topic is mentioned the lending and interest on the blockchain. For the first time, new blockchain protocols provide the possibility to gain interest from the crypto coins and tokens, lend as well as invest the money anywhere in the world without any middleman.

This and much more is going to be discussed during the Crypto 2020 Summit, which will take place on 29-31 January, 2020, online.

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